Telack Barran

Telack Barran was born to parents of Indian origin, Rudolph Barran and Chandradai(Dularie)Barran. He was born in Guyana. He lived in Cumberland Village, East Canje, Berbice, Guyana, South America. He attended Cumberland Methodists School then received scholarship to attend Berbice High School and then New Amsterdam Multilateral School.

He started singing at the age of thirteen, mainly Bhajans in temples at Yagnas and Pujas. He is presently living in Toronto, Canada after leaving Guyana at the age of seventeen. He continued singing in Toronto and assisted in building various Temples in Toronto and New York by performing at concerts singing Hindi film songs, and at mandirs singing Bhajans. He performed in Toronto, Montreal and New York City along with other artists from Guyana, Trinidad, New York and Bollywood like the famous Rajendra Kumar and Sundar Popo from Trinidad.

Telack is one of the best to imitate Amitabh Bachchan songs like Ranga Barse and Murga Murgi. He has released many C D’s, Bhajan songs in which he put the lyrics of bhajans to movie tunes and created a hit like Maa Teri Mamta and Bhajumana Ram Charana Sukhdaayee. He composed and recorded his own songs as well. He was the first Guyanese to sing on television in Toronto.

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